I am Anna Mirani

I'm a singer & songwriter

And I want to change this world as a woman

When I was a child, I dreamed to be an artist. Nowadays my dreams are coming true...

I´m  Anna Mirani hail from Siberia, 

based in Europe.

My love for music originated in childhood.

When I was discovered performing pop music on numerous stages in Russia...

...I got a scholarship for music talents in Germany.

After attending the renowned  Stage School in Hamburg

I developed the taste for songwriting and started to see my artist vision come to life.

Writing songs helps me to capture the happiness and love of life...

...and combining it with music makes me want to move and have a good time.

When I sing I love being able looking into my fans eyes...

...and inspire them with my passion for music.

On stage, I breathe the energy of life and it makes me feel so creative

Nights are Cold my latest single  I wanted to bring a sense of female empowerment and sensuality to along with dance music to make people have a good time and influence them to see the beauty in the world.

Somebody To Love 
Do You Feel The Groove ?


Nowadays it's pretty hard to earn money with music. I do songwriting and production myself. And I live from that and for that. If you like my creations and the way of my artistic vision, you have the way to show it =)

@2018-2019 by Anna Mirani